Marketing Paradigm Shift

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Why  Need Social Media Marketing?

Hello everybody! Are you an active online buyer? What platform do you usually use when shopping online?  In the past, most of you probably purchased through open markets such as E-bay and Amazon or through social commerce like Groupon and LivingSocial. Recently, the percentage of shopping in open markets and social commerce has decreased slightly and more consumers are making purchases through social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Shopping

I DID buy a product through social media, too! There was a shirt I wanted but it was not a common style and I could not find it in any social commerce or open market. Just in case, I tried to find it using the hashtag in Instagram. Ta-da! I was able to find the seller who sold the clothes and purchase it after sending a direct message.

It was the first time I made a purchase through social media. You could have a hard time when you want to refund it or to get after service, however, the advantage of the social media shopping is that you can buy uncommon products in cost effective way in my opinion. (Because the uncommon products should have been made custom!)

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the media that people use to interact and share information by using the interactivity of social networks. The types of content include text, image, video, audio, and so on. Because of the nature of this marketing is that individuals are exposed as subjects, they are creating many-to-many interactions rather than one-on-one communication.

When they use social media, they can constantly communicate with other people and promote your brand and company! While users can share information and opinions with each other on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, they become marketing medium and also powerful shopping channels which can lead to sales of products.

Social media marketing can spread fast and easy, and it can target precise, so companies should pay more attention to it. In social media marketing, unlike conventional marketing, customers are the main players. They voluntarily engage in blogging, twitting and so on to actively engage in product improvement with ideas about their products or services. The voluntary participation of the customers has the advantage of being able to grasp the hidden needs of the customers. It is also easy to obtain the information that can be utilized for new market entry or product planning without spending a huge cost of the company.

Summing Up

Now is not the time to think about “Should I use social media to do online marketing?” but the time to think about “How to use social media?” Are you actively using social media for marketing? If you find it difficult to adapt to the new environment of social media marketing, please do not hesitate to knock on the door of The Echo System!

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